VIP Limo

Standard Limousine Rental Contract

General Rules & Terms:

  1. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED in any of our vehicles at any time. Any violations of this rule will result in driver terminating the trip with no refund.

  2. Alcohol is allowed in the Limo but you must provide it yourself and all passengers must be 21 or older if there is to be alcohol in the vehicle.
  3. The driver may, at his or her sole discretion, terminate the contract without refund if at any time he or she deems anyone in the client's party to be engaging in illegal activity, acting rude or unruly or damaging the vehicle.
  4. Company can not be held liable for delays due to weather conditions, traffic or other situations beyond our reasonable control.
  5. Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed upon date.
  6. You are responsible for any damages caused to vehicle by yourself or any of your guests, wether intentional, accidental, or caused by neglect.
  7. Unsafe road conditions may require us to cancel a trip, due to excess snow or ice. We will not jeopardize the safety of our drivers, clients or vehicles in unsafe road conditions.
  8. The stated passenger capacity of the vehicle must not be exceeded at any time.
  9. Company is not responsible for any client articles forgotten/left/lost/stolen/damaged in the limousine.
  10. Overtime starts 15 minutes after your designated drop-off time and is charged in 1 hour increments at the standard hourly rental rate for the vehicle.
  11. By making a reservation with us, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this contract wether or not you have physically signed this contract or not.


  1. Full payment is required by the date of service.

  2. A valid credit card on file is required to reserve a Limo.
  3. $200 deposit is required to reserve a Limo.
  4. 20% gratuity is added to all bills automatically.
  5. Cancellations with at least 30 days notice are refunded the full balance minus the deposit.
  6. Cancellations with 15-29 days notice are refunded 50% of the balance minus the deposit.
  7. Cancellations with 14 or fewer days notice will be charged the full amount of the contract.

Cleaning/Damage Fees:

  1. There is a $250 fee if anyone vomits inside or on the vehicle.

  2. There is a $250 excessive cleaning fee if food or drink is spilled in or on the vehicle or if any other excessive mess is left in the vehicle.
  3. Broken drinking glasses will result in a $10 fee per glass.
  4. Lost/stolen media (Fireplace/Waterfall DVDs etc) will be charged $25 per missing DVD. If you take the DVD out of the player you should give it to your driver for safe keeping.
  5. Other damages to the vehicle will be charged at 125% of repair cost.

I have read, understand and agree to all of the provisions of this contract.

Signed ________________________________________ Date ___________________


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